Administrative Assistant Position

Here is what we expect from applicants:

Core Values for All Employees

1. Honor our word through action

- What it means: follow through, attention to detail, courageous and compassionate communication
- What it doesn't mean: cutting corners, banking on getting exceptions, not saying what you need, or retreating from tough conversations

2. Transform our community and beyond

- What it means: consistency, hitting goals, acknowledging and sharing client transformations
- What it doesn't mean: accepting mediocre results, playing small, withholding acknowledgement that could make a difference for someone

3. Self-care while caring for others

- What it means: creating personal visions, taking action, reviewing progress regularly to course correct
- What it doesn't mean: wishing and hoping, putting yourself last, beating yourself up when things don't go as expected

Administrative Assistant Mission

To provide a world-class client experience that delivers & cultivates a strong sense of community.


- Maintain monthly operational expenses at or below $20,000
- Coordinate client interviews and focus groups
- 80%+ Positive Client Feedback Score
- Ensure continuous client communication and life events for each client acknowledged and celebrated


- Attend one 60 minute staff meeting per week
- Attend one 30 minute 1-on-1 meeting to review your weekly progress and to game plan for the next week.

We will train you in these competencies so that you can be successful in them:

- Greeting members as they come through reception
- Checking in members and verifying memberships
- Providing information on classes and availability
- Helping to organize client schedules
- Handling questions about cancellation and pausing of membership
- Ensuring that adequate stocks of information, packs and leaflets are available at reception for interested parties
- Maintaining upkeep and tidiness of the gym, office, and reception area
- Processing all forms of payment made by gym members
- Ability to explain our training & nutrition philosophies
- Organizing contractors, repairs, cleaning staff
- Recording and keeping clear and accurate records of all queries, complaints, lost property and repairs and ensuring the information is delegated to, and resolved by, the relevant department

As you take on more responsibility, we will continue to expand your abilities to include:

- Making calls/texts, answering calls/texts, responding to client and prospect emails
- Ensuring clients are moving through onboarding checklists and getting all necessary information out
- Assisting marketing manager in organizing social media posts and organizing/running events
- Office tasks for CEO (organizational, building graphs/charts, research, etc.)
- Follow continuing education plan

Core Competencies

- Practice artful articulation
- Keep your eye on the bottom line
- Think outside the  box
- Finely-tuned technical abilities (Google Docs, Google Sheets, Apple Pages, basic Adobe Photoshop, Instagram, Facebook, HTML is a plus)


- Competitive salary
- Receive expert health and fitness coaching
- Financial assistance to help cover the cost of approved continuing education
- Worker's compensation
- Up to 3 days a year of paid sick leave
- Ability to work some remote hours after a period of demonstrated efficiency and high level of integrity

Full-Time Employees Also Receive:
‍- 5 days paid vacation per year
- Flexible hours
- Medical benefits
- Charitable giving matching
- Paid parental, family, and medical leave