Health & Fitness Coach Position

Here is what we expect from applicants:

Core Values for All Employees

  • Honor our word through action

    - What it means: following through, attention to detail, courageous and compassionate communication
    - What it doesn't mean: cutting corners, hoping to get an exception, not saying what you need, and retreating from tough conversations
  • Transform our community and beyond

    - What it means: being consistent, hitting goals, acknowledging and sharing client transformations
    - What it doesn't mean: being okay with mediocre results, playing small, withholding acknowledgement that could make a difference for someone
  • Self-care while caring for others

    - What it means: creating a detailed personal vision for your life, taking action, reviewing progress regularly to course correct
    - What it doesn't mean: putting yourself last, beating yourself up when things don't go as expected, hoping that dreams will come true without effort

Health & Fitness Coach Mission

Cultivate raving clients through relationship building, results, and tailored client experiences.


  • Provide a high-end knowledge base, outstanding customer support, and an unrivaled training experience
  • Regularly set new goals for clients
  • Regularly remind clients of their "why"
  • Responsible for 2 testimonials each month
  • 80%+ Positive Client Feedback Score
  • Maintain 90%+ retention of your assigned clients on a monthly basis


- Attend one 30 minute 1-on-1 meeting with your manager to review your weekly progress and to game plan for the next week
- Attend one 60 minute staff meeting per week

We will train you in these competencies so that you can be successful in them:

- Welcoming clients and checking them into their training sessions
- Ability to explain our training & nutrition philosophies
- Being aware of clients' needs before working with them by reviewing their initial assessments
- Coaching clients through their pre-written customized programs, instructing their exercise technique and bringing motivational energy and fun to each session
- Recording notes on clients progress during sessions
- Coaching up to 5 clients in a session
- Maintaining light upkeep and tidiness of the studio
- Processing retail purchases made by clients

As you take on more responsibility, we will continue to expand your abilities to include:

- Becoming proficient in program development and customizing programming based on their goals, needs, abilities, and training consistency
- Completing sales/retention of individual account memberships that are consistent with set weekly/monthly targets
- Performing consultations for memberships
- Contributing to building our business by writing blog articles, producing specific training programs, developing workshops, and improving productivity and efficiency
- Continuing to expand your education by certifying in Amazing 12, StrongFirst certification, FMS, BioForce, Z-Health, etc.

Core Competencies

- Positive attitude
- Always punctual: arrives early always
- Innate ability to read and relate to clients in a positive and personalized manner at every session
- Ability to adapt to changing circumstances, which sometimes may be last minute
- Proficient management and team-building skills
- Long-term commitment
- Must be certified as a personal trainer or committed to completing an NCAA-approved certification within the next 3 months


- Competitive salary
- Receive expert health and fitness coaching
- Financial assistance to help cover the cost of approved certifications
- Worker's compensation
- Up to 3 days a year of paid sick leave
- Ability to work some remote hours

Full-Time Employees Also Receive:
- Retirement account
‍- 5 days paid vacation per year
- Medical benefits
- Charitable giving matching
- Paid parental, family, and medical leave