Marketing Manager Position

Here is what we expect from applicants:

Core Values for All Employees

1. Honor our word through action

- What it means: follow through, attention to detail, courageous and compassionate communication
- What it doesn't mean: cutting corners, banking on getting exceptions, not saying what you need, or retreating from tough conversations

2. Transform our community and beyond

- What it means: consistency, hitting goals, acknowledging and sharing client transformations
- What it doesn't mean: accepting mediocre results, playing small, withholding acknowledgement that could make a difference for someone

3. Self-care while caring for others

- What it means: creating personal visions, taking action, reviewing progress regularly to course correct
- What it doesn't mean: wishing and hoping, putting yourself last, beating yourself up when things don't go as expected

Marketing Manager Mission

To generate a total of 36 qualified leads per quarter.


- Generate 108 leads per quarter with 30% conversion to prospects
- Generate 12 prequalified consults per month


- Attend one 60 minute staff meeting per week
- Attend one 30 minute 1-on-1 meeting to review your weekly progress and to game plan for the next week.

We will train you in these competencies so that you can be successful in them:

- Develop & maintain 12 month marketing calendar
- Update website copy as needed using client journey stories and information from consults
- Work with graphic designer to create marketing materials
- Design landing pages
- Create digital & print ads
- Develop promotions
- Coordinate 1 client appreciation/marketing event per month
- Follow continuing education plan: digital marketer course, marketing books, etc.
- Working on various marketing projects as needed, helping out at events, attending networking events, etc.

As you take on more responsibility, we will continue to expand your abilities to include:

- Develop 1 strategic partnership per quarter
- Attend 3 networking events per quarter
- Follow continuing education plan: digital marketer course, marketing books, etc.

Core Competencies

- Efficiency: able to produce significant output with minimal wasted effort
- Organization and planning: plans, organizes, schedules, and budgets in an efficient, productive manner
- Creativity and innovation: generates new and innovative approaches to problems
- Attention to detail
- Follow-through on commitments: lives up to verbal and written agreements
- Flexibility and adaptability: copes effectively with complexity and change
- Proactivity: acts without being told what to do and brings new ideas to the company


-Receive expert health and fitness coaching
- Financial assistance to help cover the cost of approved continuing education
- Worker's compensation
- Up to 3 days a year of paid sick leave
- Ability to work some remote hours after a period of demonstrated efficiency and high level of integrity

Full-Time Employees Also Receive:
‍- 5 days paid vacation per year
- Flexible hours
- Medical benefits
- Charitable giving matching
- Paid parental, family, and medical leave